Hello and welcome to my website!

Edward ConnorJust like everything that gains popularity, the need for quality instead of quantity starts to surface. Web development has been following the same pattern and I should know with over 10 years of experience. My name is Edward Connor and for those who don’t know me yet, my work is my pride. With each project I aim to better myself. Ultimately I would like to call myself the best at creating unique and stimulating websites which can’t be compared to the rest.

Although it has to be said my skills aren’t limited to web development. I retain a great deal of experience in web designing, SEO, branding, and online marketing. In other words I’m the full package for anyone looking to start making some waves on the ever competing web. Certificates under my name include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Jquery.

I’m also quite adept with PHP and it goes without saying that these languages enable me to be a driving force in wordpress maintenance, modification and functionality. I like to see myself as an over-achiever.

In my spare time I like to harmoniously vibrate my vocal chords, others call it singing. In addition I like to write and gain more knowledge with reading while listening to some good music.

My goals are clear and concise, do a great job or don’t touch it in the first place. After more than a decade in the business I love to be challenged because I believe it brings out the best in my ability. Without stating the obvious, I’m versatile and more than capable. If possible I would like to set a new standard for web development. My strategy to achieve this is based on being open-minded, creative and driven to the point of perfection.

In other words, there is no stopping until perfection has been reached.

If you have a question about my services or need more information, please feel free to contact me.

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